42nd Street

Theatre at the Center

"Nathan Mittleman, as Billy Lawlor has boyish looks, a nice tenor voice and superb dancing skill."

Tom Williams, Chicago Critic

"Mr. Mittleman is the unlikeliest looking Dick Powell-type leading man, but his bravado and super sweet tenor make him fascinating to watch."

Tony Frankel, Stage and Cinema


Fireside Theatre

"Minor characters who hold their own include...Nathan Mittleman as Teen Angel..."

Julie McHale, TimeOut


Cardinal Stage Company

"Nathan Mittleman breathes life into the vain, self-serving announcer, Bert Healy."

Doris Lynch, The Herald-Times

Tuning In

Bloomington Playwrights Project

"The choreography, especially of the tap dancing performed by Nathan Mittleman, was engaging and top-shelf."

Joel Pierson, The Herald-Times